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Har du lyst til å dra på kurs for å lære meir om metodar i ungdomsarbeid? Eller for å møte potensielle partnarar til framtidige samarbeidsprosjekt? Søk om å få delta på kurs!


Her finn du ei komplett og oppdatert oversikt over kurs som ungdomsleiarar og ungdomsarbeidarar frå Norge kan delta på.


Under finn du nokre av dei mest aktuelle kursa og litt praktisk informasjon. Du kan også få nye tilbod om kurs på Aktiv Ungdom-kurs på Facebook.



Korleis bruke kursdatabasen Salto


Dei fleste kursa har nettbasert søknad. Her finn du informasjon om korleis du registrerer deg første gong i kursdatabasen til Salto. Les mer

Praktisk informasjon om kursa


Kven kan dra, kor mykje koster det, korleis søkjer ein og kan fleire frå same organisasjon dra på same kurs? Det får du svar på her. Les mer

Europe- Western Balkans Youth Meeting "Connecting Youth Work and Youth Policy" - youth participation, civic engagement, youth mobility

Seminar / Conference 25-29 September 2016 | Ljubljana, Slovenia


The Europe-Western Balkans Youth Meeting "Connecting Youth Work and Youth Policy" aims at following-up the recommendations of the Western Balkans Youth Conference “Connecting Youth” (Paris, 4th July 2016) in the field of youth work and youth policy.


Søknadsfrist: 24. august 2016


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SOHO - treningskurs for EVS-støttepersoner 18-22 oktober, Italia

Kurs 18. - 22. oktober|Italia 


SOHO tar sikte på å styrke kvaliteten på EVS-prosjekter gjennom utvikling av grunnleggende kompetanse for støttepersoner. Det gir også oppdatert informasjon til deltakerne om mulighetene i Erasmus + Youth in Action-programmet.  


Søknadsfrist: 28. august.


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TC "EVS Learning Effect"

Training Course 12-16 October 2016 | Warsaw, Poland


This TC is designed for EVS newcomers/ EVS organisations to increase the quality of their EVS projects. The main focus is given to learning process of volunteers and development of their competences. 


Søknadsfrist: 28. auagust 2016


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HOW CSR WORKS? - how the Corporate Social Responsibility can appear in Erasmus+ Youth Programme

Training Course 5-9 October 2016 | Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland


An international training course that offers opportunity to gain useful knowledge, skills and guidelines how to build cooperation with business sector, with the specific focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and fundraising.


Søknadsfrist: 30. august 2016


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An introduction to the Danish formal and non-formal educational system

Study Visit 21-24 November 2016 | Nyborg, Denmark


During the study visit the participants will be introduced to the Danish formal and non-formal educational system and experience different educational institutions and learn about the diverse challenges and solutions in different settings and locations. 


Søknadsfrist: 1. september 2016


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Outdoor Education and Training course for delivering qualifications to NEET and Vulnerable young people

Training Course 3-7 October 2016 | New Forest Hampshire, United Kingdom

This course will equip participants with the skills, knowlege and activities necessary to run a series of programmes outdoors specifically aimed at helping NEET and vulnerable young people to thrive, and go on to access education and employment.
Søknadsfrist: 3. september 2016
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Time to show off! MIND-SETS of youth workers in supporting learning through youth mobility’s

Training Course 30 October - 5 November 2016 | Budapest, Hungary


This five-day training course provides a learning environment for youth workers to reflect on their mind-set with a specific focus on supporting learning of young people in youth work and esp. in youth mobility’s.


Søknadsfrist: 4. september 2016


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Non-Formal Education in Action – Training for New Youth Trainers

Training Course 8-16 November 2016 | Pesaro, Italy


This project aims to enhance capacities of organizations in the youth sector in implementing educational activities such as workshops, seminars, youth exchanges and training courses for young people on local and international levels. 


Søknadsfrist: 4. september 2016


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Recognising learning for You(th)!

Training Course 19-24 October 2016 | Beaufort, Luxembourg


A Training Course on recognising learning through non-formal learning activities, for youth workers and youth leaders working with young people. 


Søknadsfrist: 5. september 2016


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TF ITALY, a Toolfair in Italian language - Rome 3rd-6th October 2016

Seminar / Conference 3-6 October 2016 | Rome, Italy


The ToolFair is an event created to facilitate the meeting of youth workers, youth leaders, trainers, working at national level with trainers of neighbouring European countries who are able to work in the Italian language.


Søknadsfrist: 5. september 2016


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Towards collaborative practice 2016. Forum on social innovation and entrepreneurship

Seminar / Conference 28 November -  2 December 2016 | Lecce, Italy


A cross-sector event providing an interactive and dynamic space enabling participants to share experiences/tools/methods, network and produce innovative ideas and projects.


Søknadsfrist: 5. september 2016


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Bridges for Trainers 2016

Seminar / Conference 28 November -  1 December 2016 | Vienna, Austria


Bridges for Trainers offers a platform to debate trends and hot issues related to training in the youth field – national and international. In 2016 Bridges will provide a space to discuss current challenges of societies and their effects on young people!


Søknadsfrist: 10. september 2016


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Tipping Point - Understanding and Tackling Extremism

Training Course 6-11 November 2016 | Sofia, Bulgaria


Training course for youth practitioners, working directly with young people who are vulnerable to religious or political radicalisation. 


Søknadsfrist: 12. september 2016


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Partnership-building Activity 25-30 October 2016 | Janeiro de Cima, Portugal

A contact making seminar co-organized by NA BEFR and PT, and co-funded by other NA’s in order to promote partnerships and develop quality Youth Exchanges, with a strong focus on Inclusion. Programme countries + EECA and SEE. 45 participants.
Søknadsfrist: 15 September 2016
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Breaking Barriers - Erasmus+ activities involving young people with disabilities

Training Course 7-11 November 2016 | Dublin, Ireland


Breaking Barriers is a training course for youth workers/youth work practitioners that work directly with young people with disabilities and are interested in engaging in Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Activities.


Søknadsfrist: 16. september 2016


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Practicing Coaching and Mentoring

Training Course 7-13 October 2016 | Ommen, Netherlands


The Practicing Coaching and Mentoring is designed with the aim of facilitating personal and professional growth for people who are involved or interested in coaching. This training is intended to help you to improve your abilities as a coach and a mentor. 


Søknadsfrist: 21. september 2016


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Digitools Erasmus+

Training Course 7-12 November 2016 | Mollina, Málaga, Spain


The use of IT tools in the design and development of E+ projects. Digitool E+TC is a space for users of E+ to exchange their experience and to learn about new digital resources, tools, networks, platforms… available to make our daily work within E+easier. 


Søknadsfrist: 25. september 2016


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DEMOCRACY RELOADED: Dialogue between public authorities and young people

Training Course 28 November -  4 December 2016 | Budapest, Hungary

Training Course aims to develop the necessary competences to efficiently plan, implement, sustain and reform local participative structures.
Søknadsfrist 25. September 2016
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BiTriMulti (BTM) - Multilateral Training Course for newcomers in youth exchanges

Training Course

22-26 November 2016 | United Kingdom


The aim of the BiTriMulti course is to offer an international learning experience for practitioners active in the youth work field, enabling them to develop their competences in setting up quality Youth Exchange projects;especially newcomers to this field.


Søknadsfrist: 25. september


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The winner is: EVS - German speaking training for project managers and mentors in the European Voluntary Service

Training Course 15-18 November 2016 | Vienna, Austria


Training for project managers and mentors in European Voluntary Service (EVS) who would like to exchange experiences, get some information about the general and specific conditions of an EVS and want to learn more about working with volunteers.


Søknadsfrist: 9. oktober 2016


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SMS 2 “Show My Skills”

Training Course

24-30 November 2016 | Siwa Oasis, Egypt


Training course in the sunny Egyptian Oasis on leadership and event-management skills communicate through non-formal learning, intercultural and experiential learning and designed for highly motivated young people active in youth organizations.
Søknadsfrist: 15 Oktober 2016
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The Intercultural agenda of youth mobility

Training Course 5-10 December 2016 | Sofia, Bulgaria


The training course is about the better understanding of conceptual and practical dimensions of youth mobility in 21 century and linking mobility, the intercultural awareness and learning environments of young people.


Søknadsfrist: 17. oktober 2016


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ATOQ NL- Advanced Training on Quality in the Netherlands

Training Course 16-21 December 2016 | Netherlands


ATOQ training course aim at increasing quality within youth exchanges. Based on previous exchanges, an international group of youth workers will focus on quality aspects and improve management competences in order to raise quality of future exchanges. 


Søknadsfrist: 19. oktober 2016


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Midtermseminar for volunteers in Norway, february 2016

This years mid-termseminar for EVS volunteers in Norway took place at Haraldsheim Youth Hostel in Oslo.

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Film: Lær nye metoder, finn samarbeidspartnere og skap prosjekter!

Gjennom Erasmus+: Aktiv Ungdom kan du bli med på såkalte "Partnership Building Activities" (PBA). Her er en film om hvordan Espen Holtan fra Østfold kulturutvikling opplevde sitt første Aktiv Ungdom-kurs. Kanskje dette er noe for deg og? Les mer

Hvorfor delta på Aktiv Ungdom-kurs

Vi har intervjuet ungdomsarbeidere om deres erfaringer med kursene våre. Se filmen (4 min) der de forteller om verdien av å delta på kurs gjennom Aktiv Ungdom.

Aktiv Ungdom + Ungdom & Fritid = Sant

Aktiv Ungdom og Ungdom & Fritid slår nå kreftene sammen for å tilby gratis kurs i prosjektutvikling. Kurset er åpent for alle som jobber med ungdom, men vil være spesielt tilpasset de som jobber i fritidsklubber og ungdomshus. Les mer
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